Joint Community Activities Committee:

Since the founding of Amalgamated, education and community activities have been a priority for our co-op. Today the Joint Community Activities Committee (JCAC) is the social, cultural, and educational arm of our three cooperative organizations: Amalgamated Housing Corporation, Park Reservoir Housing Corporation, and A. H. Consumers Society, Inc. JCAC is composed of Directors appointed by the President of each Board. Each group of appointees reports back to its respective Board. JCAC elects its own officers and sets its own rules and regulations, subject to review and revision by the parent Boards.

JCAC establishes policy for educational and cultural activities, deriving its authority from the three Boards of Directors, and is responsible to them jointly. JCAC’s broad mandate is to provide for cooperative education including the publication of the weekly Co-op Bulletin, the Community News (printed and distributed quarterly), and such other methods as may be appropriate to promote community activity, including sponsoring and overseeing various groups and organizations. For that reason, we maintain an Education Office as part of our Management staff.

Through the years, the Joint Communities Activities Committee (JCAC) has sponsored many different groups. Groups have come and gone, some have endured, as cooperator interest has warranted. All groups are run by elected volunteer committees of cooperators. Their policies are made in keeping with the policies of JCAC itself. If you are interested in any JCAC activities, or would like to see a new activity started, or would like to talk about educational and cultural activities in our community, please call the Education Department located in the Management Office. All groups may be contacted through the Education Department.

For a complete list of our JCAC groups, clubs, classes, and activities, please contact the Education Office at 718-796-9300 and look out for our flyers, postings, and weekly bulletins.

Before an applicant takes possession of an apartment, he or she must attend an orientation meeting with our Education Director. At this meeting, the history, philosophy, and special guidelines for cooperative living are discussed.

The Amalgamated Nursery School (ANS) is a parent cooperative school located in Van Cortlandt Village in the Northwest Bronx. The Nursery was created in 1933 by the people of the Amalgamated Houses to provide for the nurturing of young children from the cooperative. When Park Reservoir opened in 1957, it became part of the joint community, and later the Nursery was opened to welcome children from the surrounding community as well.

The Nursery School is sponsored and supervised by the Joint Community Activities Committee (JCAC) of Amalgamated and Park Reservoir. The Education Director is the main contact with the Nursery for the co-ops. Amalgamated provides the Nursery space at minimal cost and contributes financially to the Nursery expenses. Cooperative property including Ostroff Plaza (Train Park), the sand park next to Building Seven, Vladeck Hall, and the Playgroup room in Building Eight are used regularly by the Nursery. Amalgamated, Park Reservoir, and A. H. Consumers Society have assured the continuity of the Nursery for over 80 years.

A carpentry studio is available in Building 7 for our cooperators who are skilled craftsmen.
The Ceramics Studio is fully equipped with wheels and kilns. The studio is located on Gale Place (opposite the Train Park).
(Preschool age). Preschool programs are based at the Amalgamated Nursery School.
The facility is located at 130 Gale Place – Building 8C, down the ramp. The hours of operation are 5 A.M. to 11 P.M., seven days a week (including holidays).

Rules and Regulations

  • Individual cooperators and resident members of the same household will be able to use the Fitness Facility according to the Rules and Regulations outlined below. All household members wanting to become members must appear on the income affidavit.
  • Annual membership fees are set by the Co-op. Users will have the option of paying membership fees on an annual basis or semi-annual basis. As of July 1, 2023, annual membership fees are $150 for the first person and $98 for each additional person from the household, over the age of eighteen. Yearly membership fees are non-refundable. The semi-annual membership is $75 for each person over the age of 18. Additional family memberships are not discounted on a semi-annual basis. Memberships for teens, ages 14-17 are $46. All teen members must be accompanied by an existing Fitness Center member over the age of 18, from the same household.
  • No one under the age of 14 is permitted to use the Fitness Facility at any time.
  • In order to use the Fitness Facility, the apartment in which the user resides must be in good standing according to the Co-op in Good Standing Policy.
  • In addition to the membership fees, every user of the Fitness Facility must purchase a Photo Identification Card for a fee of $5. The photo I.D. card must be carried at all times when using the Fitness Facility, as Co-op Security and other staff persons will visit the Fitness Facility periodically to check that only authorized members are using it. Replacement photo I.D. cards are $10 each.
  • Every user of the Fitness Facility must also purchase a key card from the Co-op Education Office for $20. The charge for a lost key card will be $25.
  • All users of the Fitness Facility shall observe the following rules of conduct:
    • No smoking.
    • No food or beverages.
    • Use headphones if listening to personal music.
    • Do not wear loose clothing.
    • Wear sneakers or rubber-soled shoes.
    • Always have your photo I.D. card with you.
    • Limit time on equipment to 20 minutes when others are waiting.
    • Wipe the equipment after use; paper towels are available; do not throw paper towels or other rubbish or debris on the floor.
    • Do not move and/or drop equipment.
    • Make sure the door is locked at all times.
    • Turn off fans and/or air conditioners when you leave the room.
  • All users of the Fitness Center must sign a Release and Waiver in the prescribed form as a condition to using the Fitness Facility (contact the Education Office).
  • The Co-op shall have the right to terminate the right of any person to use the Fitness Center at any time.
  • The Co-op reserves the right to amend, supplement and otherwise modify these Rules and Regulations at any time.
Our Co-op International Committee was formed in June 1991 to foster goodwill and understanding between the diverse cultures that go into the making of our community. The International Committee is made up of two components: food and music. This annual festival brings together cooperators, their neighbors, family, and friends in singing, dancing, reading poetry, listening to performers, and, of course, enjoying the variety of international dishes prepared by cooperators of our diverse community. Due to Covid 19 pandemic, we have not worked on an International Night.
NORC is sponsored jointly by the Riverdale Y and the Amalgamated and Park Reservoir Houses, with JCAC in a coordinating role. This organization provides information and makes referrals regarding public benefits, entitlement programs, and social services, particularly for cooperators on a fixed income or whose income is above the Medicaid level. Special services for seniors and the handicapped may also be available, including laundry, meal preparation, errand running, bill-paying assistance, etc. The office is located at 98 Van Cortlandt Park South, care of the Co-op Office. The phone number is 718-548-4990.
Van Cortlandt Playgroup is a great place for parents/caregivers to bring their children to play and have play dates with other members. It is especially useful during winter months when it is too cold or rainy to venture outside
Committee of cooperative visual artists that produce exhibitions and activities in the cooperative, as well as instructional art classes for children and adults.